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Microgreens are "baby vegetables" harvested at their peak of nutrition, up to 40% more nutritious than their full-grown counterparts. Microgreens create a healthier immune system and are chock full of vitamins and antioxidants. All of Reed's Greens microgreens are grown to order in an indoor controlled environment, no pesticides or herbicides 365 days a year!

Reed's Greens is offering a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Subscription Delivery Program. We deliver to your home, workplace, juice bar, health food store, restaurant, yoga studio, and fitness center. Reed's Greens consistently uses safe health practices; gloves and mask when working with microgreens. 

Microgreens are beautiful and add incredible potent flavor. Microgreens' ease of use is amazing; no chopping, dicing or peeling. Preparation time is eliminated. They can easily be added to salads, sandwiches, smoothies, stir-fry - basically any meal! We recommend adding them at the end of preparing hot foods to help prevent breaking down their health benefits.

January 2020, I proclaimed, "the best year thus far!" I came into 2020 very excited and wanting to bring my health to the next level. What could I do to accomplish this? I knew that preparing my food took a big chunk of my time, all the dicing, slicing, and chopping of vegetables was a lot. Taking care of myself and my commitment to this was my goal.

Healthy Self = Heal Thy Self.

 Fast forward to the Pandemic and my vision became broader and our food source became crucial. Reed's Greens is here for our community, to keep us healthy, to make us healthier, and to provide an affordable and safe means in our food chain.


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Hi farm-to-table Grand Strand community!  Monday, September 28th, we will be delivering your microgreens right to your door at no additional charge. To keep your orders fresh, we ask that you please supply a cooler furnished with ice or ice packs and place on your front porch, etc.  Order online now through Sunday afternoon, $10 minimum per order, for dependably fresh microgreens which give your body what it needs immediately. Let Reed's Microgreens serve you!



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